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Who We Are

Professional Representation for Esports Athletes

The Culleen Agency is a full service agency dedicated exclusively to the professional representation of esports athletes.  We offer our clients the full range of athlete agent services, from representing you in negotiations with teams and sponsors, to fielding media inquiries, to assisting you in building your social media profile, and more.  


The Culleen Agency is dedicated to our clients' success.  We measure our work by your happiness, not by our profit margin.  We work with esports athletes to determine their goals, create a plan to accomplish those goals, and execute that plan.  By serving as your professional representatives, we allow you to concentrate on your athletic career and your personal life. 


We are a family owned and operated agency and we treat all of our clients as an extended member of that family.  We will always provide you with sound and well thought-out advice, but we never push our clients into decisions they don't want to make.  

If you are an esports athlete who wants dedicated and professional representation, we encourage you to contact us today.