Our Story

We have always bonded over video games.  When we were young we shared a single copy of Pokemon Blue among the four of us and each sibling took a turn playing while the others watched over their shoulder.  In high school and during college breaks we'd always make time for late night Call of Duty marathons (Rust, Shotguns and Riot Shields only). 


After high school, each sibling moved away from home and pursued different career paths.  Chandos became a lawyer and now lives in Phoenix.  Max resides in Chicago where he works in corporate partnerships with traditional sports organizations.  After living in Denver for several years, Ben returned home to the D.C. area to work in the medical field.  But even now, when we live in three different states in three different time zones, our families still find us up late at night playing games with each other online.

So in 2018 when Chandos brought up the idea of starting a family business, it was no surprise that working in the gaming industry immediately became a top contender.  The more we talked, the more we realized that forming an athlete representation agency specifically for esports athletes would allow us to combine our diverse talents while having fun.  Chandos would bring his legal education and experience to bear in negotiations with teams and contract review.  Max, with years of experience working with brands and sponsors, would handle brand partnerships.  Finally, Ben, a longtime devotee of League of Legends and an experienced researcher, would lead talent identification.  Thus, The Culleen Agency was born.

Now our goal is simple: to become the industry leader in esports athlete representation.  Each one of us brings indispensable talent and never ending passion for what we do to TCA.  We're excited to get to work and show you what we can do.   

Our Values


At The Culleen Agency, we know that our clients are professionals who are intensely dedicated to their craft.  TCA brings that same dedication to our role as our clients' representative.  We love playing video games but we know that esports are a business and we are committed to representing our clients with the highest levels of expertise and reliability.


Every client who retains The Culleen Agency to represent them trusts that we will do our very best on their behalf.  We understand how valuable that trust is and we make sure to earn it every day.  TCA works with every client to learn their unique story and craft a representation plan that works for them.   


The Culleen Agency is a new agency in a new industry.  Every member of TCA knows that we will need to bring our very best every single day to succeed.  TCA is ready to take on every challenge and we can't wait to share success with our clients.